Chemtech Trading is a well-established company in Singapore. It’s nature of business includes basic importers, exporters, manufacturer’s representatives and stockists of chemicals to serve the unique, if not specialized needs of the relevant industries in the Asia and Pacific Regions.


Chemtech Trading has established a foothold in gaining the complete trust and confidence from its customers and overseas manufacturing principals. This stems from its aggressive energy, dedication and commitment to render the best service, reliability price competitiveness, quality control consciousness and a comprehensive chemical coverage. Most critical of all, we have built a solid reputation as a company of integrity.

Customer satisfaction has always been a main objective of our company’s philosophy. This objective has led us to represent a selected group of manufacturers whose products complement those of high standard quality.

The majority of the manufacturers and trading organizations we present or are in business with are large establishments. Our business objective has always been geared towards a long-term growth complementing the mutual benefits of both parties, our principals and us.

Our manpower is the ultimate key to success. We maintain in them a sense of shared objectives through progressive employment practices that makes the best use of their talents. This is reflected in our prompt and efficient service and business integrity. We stand to assist with particularly difficult problems or new product ventures. This includes immediate response to any enquiries and prompt delivery of technical literatures and products.


Chemtech started off as a small Paint shop selling household thinner to consumers with only 5 employees. Since the early 2005s, Chemtech decided to shift her focus to the distribution of petrochemical solvents, used mainly for the thinner, paint and coating industries. Since then, Chemtech growth never looked back.

Our Strengths

We believe that our competitive edge lies in:

Experienced Management Team
Our management is able to identify market trends and developments in the various chemical industries as a result of our close relationship with our suppliers. We are able to tap on the in-depth industry knowledge of our senior management, the majority of who have more than ten years' of relevant experience.

Closely Situated to Customers
Our production and storage facilities are located close to our customers, enabling us to sell directly to them and lower our logistics costs. It also allows us to provide better after sales services and maintain a close relationship with our key customers through regular meetings, discussions and customer visits.

Ensure High Quality Products
We focus on quality of the products that we distributed and stress on stringent internal quality control and testing of our products although we are just a distributor. By working closely with original suppliers, we can ensure that our products are consistently from the same source.

Through our capability and specialization, we are able to deliver our promise to our customers constantly and we take pride in our services and products.

Efficient Warehouse Management & Delivery
In Chemtech, we maintain our own transport fleet of lorries . This allows us to provide prompt and on-time deliveries to our customers and greater flexibility in delivery arrangements especially in times of the customers' urgency.

Compliance with Local Regulations
We have the appropriate licences from different local government agencies like SCDF (Singapore),handle Import & Export, Transport and Storage of hazardous flammable and chemicals.

We believe in continuous improvements in our environment, health and safety aspects of our operations as well as in openness and dialogue with the community in our conduct of business. We strongly feel that this will effectively reduce the risk of injuries, incidents and emissions and also ensure regulatory compliance.